Supplier code of conduct

Supplier code of conduct

Delivering on our promise

Rio Tinto's core values of respect, integrity, teamwork and accountability serve as a foundation of doing business the right way with customers and communities and you, our suppliers.

In everything we do, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest industry standards and our own stringent requirements for ethical conduct. This is not only the right thing to do, it is critical to maintaining trust and our social license to operate.

Our expectations - Supplier code of conduct

You, as one of our suppliers, play a vital role in helping us deliver the promises we make. We all rely on the trust of each other, our host communities, governments, customers, investors and others. We will only succeed if we collaborate and can build trust together.

This Supplier code of conduct, which draws upon internationally recognised standards and Rio Tinto's The way we work, sets our expectations of you, your subsidiaries and subcontractors. We may elect to not work with or cease to work with suppliers who do not meet our expectations.

Working together, all of us will ensure we do business the right way.

The Supplier code of conduct contains the following topic areas:

  1. Health and safety performance
  2. Governance and legal compliance
  3. Labour and human rights
  4. Environmental performance
  5. Emergency preparedness and business resilience
  6. Host communities
  7. Information and reporting
  8. Management commitment

Download the Supplier code of conduct

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct [EN]

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct [FR]

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct [CN]

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct [MN]

Rio Tinto Supplier code of conduct [ES]

September 2016

If you have questions regarding this Supplier code of conduct, or about our expectations of our suppliers and business partners, please email

Talk to Peggy

We are committed to a culture of transparency and encourage employees, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to speak up about their issues and concerns. As a supplier to Rio Tinto, you have access to Talk to Peggy - a confidential, independent and safe way to report concerns or misconduct directly to us. It offers an avenue for reporting concerns about the business or individual’s behaviour. This can include suspicion of violations of Rio Tinto's policies and procedures, human rights, safety, environmental, financial reporting, fraud or business integrity issues in general. All information received is managed securely and confidentially. We strongly encourage any supplier who becomes aware of any circumstance or action that may not comply with this Supplier code of conduct or Rio Tinto's The way we work to discuss these concerns with their Rio Tinto contact or report it via Talk to Peggy. If you have a concern, don’t ignore it; let us know.

Find out more about Talk to Peggy