People and partnerships

People and partnerships

Partnering for human progress

Whatever a company does, makes, or sells, every business is ultimately about people. We understand that our relationships – with workers, customers, and the host communities in which we operate – are the heart of our business. Technology is transforming our working lives, but it can’t replace human interaction. We may be working remotely, but we still must work together.

At the most fundamental level, we have a responsibility to uphold human rights and ensure the safety and fair treatment of all stakeholders. Along with our commitment to preventing modern slavery, we’ve pioneered approaches around labour, health and safety, and community engagement.

All discrimination is wrong – we believe that everyone deserves to be treated equally and that inclusion is essential for human progress. That’s why we’re striving to increase the representation of women and local and Indigenous peoples in our business and industry.

Technology in a community market Technology in a community market

Investing in our people

More than simply upholding workers’ rights, our aim is to engage and empower our people. Creating better, healthier, more supportive workplaces has a positive impact on our employees’ wider lives.

Our commitment to training and development is rooted in the belief that our employees deserve to work in a job that helps them learn and grow. We aim to provide these jobs by investing in and delivering professional and personal growth opportunities during every employee’s tenure with us.

Empowering communities

We strive to build strong relationships with community stakeholders for the duration of our operations, and to make a positive impact in the regions where we operate through stimulating economic development and employment. We seek to hire locally, and partner with others to help local people develop skills and work readiness.

Sharing the wealth

Our myriad partnerships offer another opportunity to deliver shared prosperity. Partnering with countries, suppliers and investors brings benefits for local people, communities and businesses.

Building talent within our business, evolving our approach to community relations, forging strong partnerships. These things make our people, communities and business stronger and more resilient than ever before.