To keep our projects, operations and infrastructure running smoothly, we need to procure substantial amounts of goods and services worldwide.

Our activities are often located where conditions are harsh, so the equipment and materials we use must be high quality and durable.

Much of the equipment we use is manufactured by Japanese companies. Our purchases from Japanese companies include super-large dump trucks, mining equipment (such as excavators), tyres (both dump trucks and passenger cars), conveyor belts and bearings, off-road vehicles, crushers, railway rails and gas turbines for power generation.

In the past we procured most of this equipment from places such as Japan, the US and Europe. More recently, our procurement from emerging countries has grown rapidly, driven by improving technological capabilities in these locations, and the need to stay cost-effective in the face of market volatility. 

However, we continue to look for the quality, durability and service that Japanese suppliers offer. We are discussing new opportunities with our Japanese partners for the operation and maintenance of our existing equipment, and the potential introduction of new equipment, materials and technologies.

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