Aluminium: metal for good / 03:07

Aluminum is widely used for items familiar in our daily lives such as beverage cans, aluminium foil and window sashes, but also for materials used in fields such as construction and transportation, electronics, electricity and machinery. As a metal that is light weight, conducts electricity and heat well, and is excellent for processing and recycling, strong demand for aluminium is expected to continue to grow worldwide.

Rio Tinto's aluminium division owns integrated production operations from bauxite and alumina through to aluminium in eight countries around the world, mainly in Australia and Canada, and is one of the world's leading aluminium companies with a sales network covering the world's major markets. 

With respect to bauxite, we are proud of our unrivalled status as the world's largest producer, and for aluminium, we are highly competitive with minimum environmental impact, thanks to our advanced smelting technology and our own hydroelectric power generation. 

For the Japanese market, we are contributing to Japan's "monozukuri” (the Japanese approach to manufacturing: the art, science and craft of making things) by providing a stable supply of strategic aluminium raw materials required by customers. These are primarily high-quality, high-value-added aluminium products such as slabs, billets and high purity aluminium ingots. We also operate several production bases jointly with Japanese business partners.

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